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Motueka Clock Tower, 2020.
Ref:TDC:1:2020 The clock tower at the corner of King Edward Street and High Street, Motueka. Formerly known as Rothman's Clock Tower after the tobacco company that built it.  Photograph taken
Motueka Public Library Building, 2010.
Ref:TDC:3:2020 The south and east sides of the Motueka Public Library building, 12 Pah Street, Motueka. Taken in 2010.  Tress from Memorial Park can be seen in the background. Photograph
Village Mall, Richmond 1990s.
Ref: TDC :4 :2020 A photograph of the inside of the Village Mall, Queen Street Richmond.  This photo was taken looking towards the eastern entrance of the mall and was
Wakefield from Church Hill.
Wakefield from Church Hill, c.1875-1880. Photograph taken by Eliab Baigent. Vicarage in foreground. Painton's Store on right fronting the original main road from Nelson, now Pitfure Road. William Painton established
Forest Inn.
Forest Inn, c.1880 Taken near Jimmy Lee bridge (sometimes called the Jemmy Lee Bridge), looking north towards Wakefield. The Forest Inn can be seen on the right. William (Bill) Bird