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Ann Hodgson.
Ann Hodgson, wife of John Hodgson, mother of Ernest and Herbert Hodgson. Died at Wakefield 1899. Date of photograph unknown.
Samuel and Elizabeth Baigent.
Ref: HS06.2 Samuel Baigent and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Ann and Isaac Dixon.
Herbert and Ernest Hodgson.
Ref: HS06.1 From left: Herbert John and Ernest William Hodgson, sons of Ann and John Hodgson.
Ernest Hodgson.
Photograph of Ernest William Hodgson, Date unknown, Ellis Dudgeon Photographers, Nelson.
"The Swamp", Samuel Baigent's home.
"The Swamp", Samuel Baigent's home, n.d. Samuel Baigent, 1839-1924 and his wife Elizabeth Dixon lived on this Wakefield property known as "The Swamp", at the end of what is today