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Hop's Neudorf.
Last string victims, March 1937 Neudorf.
Group of school girls, c1880s.
Ref: WSH:AHA:2020:15 The photograph shows a group of school girls and was taken around the late 1870s-90s.  The photo could have been taken at River Terrace School, or Brightwater School,
Head of young woman with ribbon.
Ref: WSH:AHA:2020:3. The photograph was most probably taken in a photographic studio and shows the shoulders and head of an unknown young woman.  She is wearing a ribbon in her
Unknown child.
Photograph taken by D. M. Isaacs, Nelson, New Zealand.  The photo shows a young child sitting on a chair.  
Unknown child with stripey stockings.
REF: WSH:AHA:2020:1 Unknown young child with fair coloured curly hair, wearing striped hose/stockings/socks and a ribbon around their neck.