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Brightwater School, trees being cut up, 1970s.
Ref: BB:12:2019 The trees at the front of Brightwater School being chopped up after being felled in the early 1970s. The classrooms can be seen in the rear of the
Invoice from the Brightwater Stores, 1927.
Ref: BB:10:2019 An invoice from the Brightwater Stores, grocers, drapers and produce dealers.  Dated March 1927. The customer has purchased salmon, meat, gloves, starch, sugar, cigarettes, sago, rice and macaroni.
Award given to Trapnell's Patent Radium Roller Flour, early 1900s.
Ref: BB:2:2019 A display of Trapnell's Radium (brand) flour and bags of other Radium products such as porridge and semolina.  George Trapnell owned the roller flour mill in River Terrace,
Dam on the Wairoa River, Brightwater, early 1900s.
Ref: BB:6:2019 Photograph shows a dam constructed from rocks and willow tree branches on the Wairoa River.   The dam was constructed to direct water into the water race at
Weir on the Wairoa River for Power Station waterway.
Ref: BB:7:2019 Wairoa River pre 1940.  The power plant at River Terrace, Brightwater was built by Robert Ellis and later became the Waimea Electric Supply and Manufacturing Company