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Young woman with rose.
Ref: WSH:AHA:2020:8 Full length studio portrait of an unknown young woman holding a rose.  It is possibly either Ellen or Mary Ann Hill.
Young man with pale eyes.
Ref: WSH:AHA:2020:2 Studio portrait of a young man with pale eyes. Possibly a member of the Silcock or Hill family. The edge of the photograph is very decorative. 
Unknown older woman wearing black.
Ref: WSH:AHA:2020:4 Studio portrait of an unknown older woman who is wearing a black hat, veil and cloak, and a scarf with flowers.  She is holding what appears to be
Portrait of a woman with a frown.
Ref: WSH:AHA:2020:5 Studio portrait of an unknown woman sitting at a table. 
Young man with single button coat.
Ref: WSH: AHA: 2020:14 Studio portrait of an unknown young man wearing a coat with a single button at the top, and a vest underneath. The card surrounding the photograph