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Trafalgar Street in Nelson, 1961.
Ref: GK:1:2020 This photo was provided by Gael Knight.  It was taken by her uncle Jim Knight during a visit to the area in 1961. The photo was taken from
Granville's General Store.
Granville's General Store in Brightwater. Approximately where 96 Ellis Street is today.  The photo was probably taken in about 1904.  The store was subject to bad flooding. In the early
A very good snap.
Photograph taken in Golden Bay in 1925/1926. The picture is from a photograph album belonging to Thelma Newport (later Holyoake).
Brightwater school.
Palmer Family Collection: 9.3 Photograph from the collection of Margaret Kearns The brick Brightwater school, with a picket fence in the foreground. Probably taken in the late 1900s or early 1920s.
Apple display.
REF: OFH:4:74:2019 A display of export quality apples grown in the area.  The apples boxes on the display are stamped with the names of local orchards and brands, including Red