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House at Lake Rotoiti, St Arnaud,  1935.
Ref: HS02:22.2018 'House at Lake, 1935. view to the head of the lake. Note area cleared and regrowth starting following early fire'.  Arthur and May Hunter Lake Rotoiti bach. Photograph
Mount Robert, July 1931.
Ref: HS02:27.2018 Pourangahau / Mount Robert in the snow, July 1931. Lake Rotoiti can be seen on the left of the photograph. Photograph provided by Margot Haley.
'My Noble self', young woman at Lake Rotoiti, 1921.
 Ref: OFH:7.29:2019 A young woman stands on a large rock at the edge of Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes. Possibly in West Bay.  Pourangahau / Mount Robert can be seen in the
'Some Punt'  Lake Rotoiti.
Ref: OFH:7.30:2019 Two men and a boy in a boat at Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes. Probably taken at Kerr Bay with the Brunner Peninsula and Pourangahau/Mount Robert in the background.
Man with plate and dogs, orchard in the background, c1921.
Ref: OFH:7.27:2019 A man holds a plate of food for five dogs. In the background is an orchard, house and the West Nelson Mountains. c1921 Family photos provided by Sally