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Group of men planting fruit trees, Tasman Estates,1913.
REF: OFH:7.2:2019 Family photos provided by Sally Austin Pearcy and the Austin family. Photograph taken in 1913. Shown in the photograph are: Back row: G. G. Goddard, S.R. Dodson (?)
Planting fruit trees, Tasman Estate, 1913.
REF: OFH:7.1:2019 Family photos provided by Sally Austin Pearcey and the Austin family.
Nelson's Motto, war mural, Mahana.
REF: OFH:4.42:2019 'Nelson's motto England expects every man to do his duty'. The second of two murals found behind the wallpaper of Charlie Henderson's house in 1984. The murals recognise
Mahana war memorial mural.
REF: OFH 4.41:2019 Mural found behind the wallpaper when renovating Charlie Henderson's house in 1984.  The mural contains the names of three Mahana men who served in the forces, 1914-1918.
Bronte, 1912, new apples.
REF: OFH:4.38:2019 Photograph originally a Fraser photograph. ? Photograph provided by Linley and Sandra and Margaret Green.