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Oral histories relating to the early years of European settlement in Richmond, Tasman (New Zealand).


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Oral History Transcripts by Surname´╗┐

1. Ammundsen, F & P          26. Hall, Ruth 51. Pugh, Mona
2. Andrews, Norman 27. Hammond, Veda               52. Prowse, Ferris
3. Austin, Reg 28. Haycock, Ruth 53. Ramsey, Phyllis
4. Beach, Ken 29. Holland, Myrtle 54. Roberts, Annie
5. Beach, Mavis 30. Jones, Phyllis 55. Sampson, Maude
6. Bickley, Margaret (Peg) 31. Kearns, Charlie 56. Satherley, Pearl
7. Bolitho, John  32. Kearns, Philip 57. Savage, Roy
8. Boyce, Olive 33. Kerr, Les 58. Savage, Valmai
9. Brown, Hugh 34. Kingsland, Tom 59. Saxton, Doris
10. Brown, Mrs 35. Lusty, Claude 60. Scoltock, Helen
11. Canton, Muriel J. 36. McCallum, Bruce 61. Statford, Eva
12. Cargill, Les 37. McFarlane, Del 62. Straftford, Marion
13. Childs, Tony  38. McGlashen, Muir 63. Sutton, John
14. Classen, Runa 39. MacGregor, Hilda 64. Tuffnell, Geoff
15. Croucher, Grace 40. Malcolm, Alan 65. Wearning, Mini
16. Currie, Elizabeth 41. Malcolm, Keith 66. Wehner, William
17. Fairburn, Rhoda 42. May, Denis 67. Wells, Miss A
18. Field, Phyllis 43. Meade, Jean     68. Wells, Les
19. Fowler, Fred 44. Meads, Noel 69. Wilkes, Bill           
20. Francois, Lori 45. Nalder, Newton 70. Wilkes, Max
21. Francoise, Marie 46. O'Connor, Roderick 71. Williams, Hazel
22. Fulford, Lorna 47. Palmer, Hartley 72. Wilson, Ian
23. Gallas, F. E. 48. Palmer, Victoria (Queenie) 73. Wilson, Ruth
24. Goodman, Noelene 49. Papps, Edgar   74. Woods, Charlie
25. Hadfield, Elsie 50. Papps, Grace 75. Woods, Eric (Sam)
  51. Phipps, Dulcie  



photograph of a MicrophoneIn October 1983 the then Richmond Borough Council appointed David Runnacles and Les Slater to undertake a research project on the history of the town. In early 1984 the project was expanded with Lisa Van Wessel and Louise Charters appointed to assist.

Part of the project involved the gathering of oral histories, or recollections, about early Richmond from residents of the Borough. They planned to interview about 140 people, with the majority of interviews pertaining to pre-1940's Richmond.


A cassette recorder was used to record interviews with older people in the community. Those interviewed had had a close connection with Richmond in the first half of the 20th century.  Most of the people interviewed for the project were in their seventies, eighties and nineties when interviewed in 1983-1984.

Once recorded the oral histories were then transcribed (typed out) and returned to the Interviewees for correction and further details. When completed, the written transcripts were indexed, annotated and put in the Council Archives along with the original cassette tapes for future reference.  

Access to the Oral Histories Today

The written transcripts of these interviews are held in the archives of what is now Tasman District Council, though they are currently inaccessible to the public. 

The Richmond Library has copies of  some of these transcripts. They are housed in the Research Room at the Library. Sadly, neither the Library nor the Council Archives hold copies of the cassette recordings.


Those interviewed in these oral histories reveal details about their private lives and experiences.  Because of this we ask that you approach this material with respect for the individuals whose thoughts and memories are recalled here.

In some cases we have removed addresses or other identifying information from the online copies of the transcripts to protect the privacy of the interviewee.


These oral histories are made available for your private research or study only. Please do not copy or distribute these oral history materials in any way.


These oral histories express the views, memories and opinions of the interviewees and do not necessarily represent the views of the Tasman District Council. The information contained in these transcripts has not been checked for accuracy and may contain errors.

If you do discover an error and you'd like to let us know, either email:   or click on the join this discussion link at the bottom of the item you are looking at.


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