The Waimea South Collection

Richmond Library holds a collection of unique and irreplaceable local history materials in the Waimea South Collection. The collection is jointly owned by Tasman District Libraries and the Waimea South Historical Society and is housed in the Research Room at the Richmond Library.

The Waimea South Collection provides a priceless contribution to the collective knowledge of our community's history and heritage. It is comprised of books (approximately 200 items), pamphlets, family histories, school histories and over 500 photographs and other ephemera pertaining to the region. The collection covers the geographic area from Richmond South to Foxhill, and east and west of Richmond (Tasman, New Zealand). It covers the time period from early European settlement of the area, up until the 1980s.

Kete Tasman was established primarily to enable the community, family historians,students and researchers (both local and worldwide) to access the photographs in this collection.  It was also established to help preserve the materials in the collection and ensure that they will continue to be accessible in the future.

Most of the Waimea South photographic collection has already been digitised and is available on this website. Other materials in the collection will be digitised in the future.



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Foxhill School.
Many of the schools that once educated children in the district no longer exist.
Elephants at the Methodist Church, Wakefield.
Photographs of Wakefield in the 1920s to early 1930s, taken from an album belonging to George Lawrence.
Wakefield Corner.
Photographs from the Waimea South Collection of Wakefield, Brightwater, Waimea West, Fox Hill, Pigeon Valley, Spring Grove,etc as well as
The Baton Accommodation House.
Includes houses, private dwellings and public buildings in the Waimea South area.
Florence, Alice and Sabina Metzenthin.
Items on the people of Waimea, from the Waimea South Collection
Wakefield Cricket Team .
Sport and recreation in Waimea, including sports teams, competitions, tournaments, galas, dances and other recreational and social events.
88 Valley School.
Includes 88 Valley School, Top House School, Foxhill School, Pigeon Valley School 1888-1945
Wakefield Store Keepers Boundary Dispute.
Includes shops, flour mills, hotels, accommodation houses in the Waimea District. This topic also includes local industry such as forestry
Wakefield School c.1904.
Wakefield School was established in 1843 and has been educating the children of Wakefield ever since. It is the oldest



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Wakefield School group 1935.

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