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Three young women, early 1900s.
WSHC: 2019:1.1 Photograph of three young women, taken around the early 1900s. By Tyree Studio, Nelson, N.Z.  The young women are wearing high necked white lace blouses and jewellery around
Walter Blommaart on Wakefield Bakery Cart, 1909.
WSHC:2019.1.2 On the back of the photograph is written "Photo-David Stevens. 1909 (Walter Joseph Blommaart) Mr Blommaart on H. J. Harris' baker's cart, Wakefield Bakery".  Photograph donated by Grahame Ellery,
Inside View of A. Hodgson's Shop Register.
Page 1 and 2 of Ann Hodgson's shop register. Dated Monday 21st December and Tuesday 22nd December 1885. The register shows some of items that were sold at the store
A Hodgson Shop Register 1885-1890.
Cover of the shop register from Ann Hodgson's store. The register covers the period from December 1885 to December 1890.  The register was donated to the Waimea South collection by
Ann Hodgson.
Ann Hodgson, wife of John Hodgson, mother of Ernest and Herbert Hodgson. Died at Wakefield 1899. Date of photograph unknown.