Wakefield Store Keepers Boundary Dispute

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Wakefield Store Keepers Boundary Dispute.


The solution to the famous boundary dispute between Mr George Johnson, saddler, and Mr Ernest William Hodgson, storekeeper, in about 1904.

Left to right: George Johnson, Jack McPherson and Fred Fowler.

Johnson's Saddlery shop in Edward Street was found to be built across the boundary between two adjoining sections. Neither owner would sell to the other so the building was sawn into two on the survey line and the pieces jacked apart.

According to Marion J. Stringer in her book 'Just Another Row of Spuds', published in 1999,  the dispute over the boundary line was a terriffic row that led to J. McPherson and Son being hired to saw off the section claimed by Hodgson and jack it over 4 feet to Hodgson's side, leaving an unsightly gap  for many years.


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