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Nau mai haere mai, welcome to the Your Family History Basket.  Share your family history, heritage, culture and memories.Studio photograph of a family group taken around 1914

Everyone is welcome to contribute to this basket. You could share

  • your old family photographs
  • family trees
  • immigration records
  • historic letters or diary entries
  • oral history recordings
  • anything about your family you'd like others in the local community or around the world to see or hear

As well as your personal family history, you could contribute content about a club or other community group or organization in Nelson-Tasman; as long as it's related to the history or heritage of the organization.

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Content in this basket is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence, meaning in  most cases you are welcome to download material and print it, or share it with others, although some conditions do apply. 

 Guidelines for contributing to the Your Family History Basket :

Materials added to the Your Family History basket should relate to:

  • People that live or lived in the Nelson-Tasman area of New Zealand;
  • Events, projects or other activities that occurred in the Nelson-Tasman area;
  • Or places within the Nelson-Tasman area.



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 Copyright and Common Courtesy

You need to own the material you want to contribute to the basket, if you aren't the owner you'll need to get the owner's permission. Please ensure that you comply with the Copyright laws of New Zealand.

If you are contributing photographs or other information about a living person to the basket, we highly recommend that you get their permission first!      


Digitizing your Family History

If you want to add your family history to the Your Family History basket but you need to make it digital first, the Richmond Library has equipment you can use in the library free of charge.  This includes an A3 colour scanner (provided by the Aotearoa People's Network Kaharoa), a 35mm slide scanner, a video camera and audio recording equipment.  Please contact the Richmond Library for further information.Tasman District Libraries Contact Details  or: 

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The Inwood Family of Gowan Bridge, Belgrove, Brightwater and Wakefield areas

Edward and Mary Anna Webby came out to the Nelson Province, New Zealand, as emmigrants from Somerset, England in 1841.  

Tahunanui Beach 1926 Thelma Holyoake nee Newport.

Many of the photographs were taken by Thelma Newport in Golden Bay / Mohua in 1925/1926.

Thelma was the daughter of William James Newport and Rose Emily (nee Clifford) and sister of Joseph Newport (who had died by the time these photographs were taken). Her other brother James Lyall ( known as Lyall) and sister Vivian Grace (known as Grace) appear in many of the photographs.

Thelma married Oscar Allen Holyoake in 1928.

The titles of the photographs are for the most part the original titles which appear in Thelma's photograph album.

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