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A checklist to see if kete Tasman is right for your not-for-profit group or club to use.


Check List

  1. Are you a not-for-profit group or club based in the Nelson or Tasman area?

  2. Do you have material such as images, video, sound recordings, personal accounts, or documents you’d like to share with the community?

  3. Is the material legally owned by members of you organisation?

  4. Is there a reasonable amount of material, or will you be adding to the material over time?

  5. Is the material related to Tasman or Nelson, or of significant historical or cultural value? E.g. photos on board a troop ship during World War one; a letter from an early Antarctic explorer describing their journey, etc.

  6. Are you happy for members of the public to copy, print or share this material with others (for non-commercial reasons)?

  7. Do you have someone in your organisation willing to act as your Administrator? 
  • The Administrator would be in charge of your section of the Kete.
  • The Administrator needs to have a reasonable level of computer skills and access to Broadband Internet
  • Responsibilities include: 
    • Adding your material to the Kete;
    • Updating the material;
    • Answering queries from the general public about the material;
    • Ensuring you comply with the Copyright Act and the Terms and Conditions for using Kete;
    • Liaising between your organisation and the Tasman Library staff responsible for the Kete.

If you answered YES to the above questions Kete Tasman is probably right for your group! 


  1. Decide on a name or title for your basket/topic.

Write a description for the front page of your basket/topic. his should tell visitors to your basket /topic:

  • What your organisation does, or is about (who you are);
  • What your section of Kete Tasman is about, or what you will be putting in into the Kete and why;
  • How to contact your organisation (if applicable).

3.     Create an inventory of the materials you want to add to the Kete, or collect the materials together.

4.     Organise them into topics, groups or sub-groups. (if applicable).

5.     Decide what to name your topic/s. (if applicable).

6.     Give each of the items you want to add to the Kete a title. Titles need to be:

  • Short  - a couple of words only;
  • Descriptive – who, where, when;

7.     Write a short one or two sentence description of each item.  This will be used to help people find your items in the Kete, so it needs to be as descriptive as possible.

8.     Write a longer description, or additional content for each item you want to add to the Kete. This can be as much or as little as you like (0-500 words) and can include:

  • Who – the names of people in a photograph; the name of the photographer, the architect, etc.
  • What – what is the item about
  • Where – any relevant place names
  • When  - the year, month, special date,
  • Any comments or personal recollections about the item.


You need to register to use the Kete before you can add any content; registration involves providing a name, user name and email address. For the User Name use the name or initials of your organisation. Once you have registered you are ready to add your material to the Kete! Please read the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and House Rules on the website before you add any items. 

Kete Training and Guides

Kete has a Help Tab which contains a User’s manual and other information about using the Kete, adding things, finding things and linking things.  This Help Tab is designed to give you all the information you need to add items to the Kete.

If you require help Richmond Library staff can provide an initial training session for your administrator and their helper/s. The training session will cover setting your basket or topic up, creating a homepage for your basket/topic, Adding, editing and linking items. Please phone the Richmond Library to organise training (03) 543-8500.


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