Thomas and Sarah Roil and Edward and Sarah James and their descendants : A trio of midwives

Transcript of a talk given by Tessa Gillooly at Takaka Memorial Library, 17 August 2018, as part of the HerStory : Women's Suffrage 125 celebrations.

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Tessa reminisces about a trio of Collingwood midwives who are a proud part of Tessa's family history. Text provided by Tessa Gillooly.

Points of Interest

  1. Thomas and Sarah Roil
  2. Edward and Sarah James
  3. Mary Ann Roil and John James
  4. Collingwood nursing and midwifery
  5. Emma Louisa Wigzell (nee James)
  6. Gran Wigzell's Nursing Home 1913- 1942
  7. Cicely Sara Wigzell (nee Austin)
  8. Bert and Noge Wigzell
  9. Mildred Wigzell
  10. Medical services in Collingwood apart from Gran Wigzell's Maternity Home.


  • Page 14. The date of Emma Louisa Wigzell's death should be 12 April 1947, not 1937.
  • Page 18. Bill was married to Kath Wigzell who some of you will remember. Kath died in April this year shortly before her 98th birthday, not 70th.


Transcript Information

  • Date: 17 August 2018
  • Length of transcript: 22 pages long including references.


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