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Transcript of the Oral History Interview with Ken and Mavis Beach

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Ken Beach was born in Richmond(?) in 1908 to Clarence and Florence Mary Beach (nee Jerrrams). Clarence Beach was a bricklayer for Wilkes the builders,and built most of the Richmond Borough Chambers. Ken had one sister and two brothers named Lawrie and Roy. In 1922, when he was 14 years old, Ken went to work in Nelson as a labourer for Arthur Stratford, a bricklayer - a journey he made everyday by bicycle.

Mavis Beach (nee Lusty) was also born in Richmond to Francis Lusty (mother's name not mentioned). She had a brother named Max. The family lived, at one stage, in Incubator Lane (now York Place).

Points of Interest

  1. Beach family - Clarence, Percy, Maurie (Morrie?), Wilfred, John Octavius
  2. Lusty family - Francis, Trevor, George, Ben, Herbert
  3. Queen Street
  4. Edward Street
  5. Incubator Lane (now York Place)
  6. Richmond School
  7. Dr Bruce Baird
  8. Dr H.O.Washbourn
  9. Washbourn Gardens
  10. Jack Lay
  11. Jimmy Lee Creek (Richmond)
  12. Hawkesworth family - Tommy, Phil (Dr), Don, Bill
  13. Hawkesworth Tearooms & Bakery
  14. Holland family - Thomas (Tom)
  15. Wilkes family - Ken, Gilbert, Harold, W.E. Wilkes, Frank, Eddie, Norm
  16. Papps family - Roly, Don
  17. Baptist Church, Richmond
  18. Train service (Nelson to Richmond)
  19. Sutton family - Elena, Les
  20. Croucher family - J. M. Croucher (built flour mill in Richmond), Hayes
  21. Waimea Football Club
  22. Richmond Fire Brigade
  23. Burke's Creek (Hope Road)
  24. Empire Theatre (Bridge Street, Nelson)

Interview Information

  • Date of interview:          n.d.( most likely 1983-1984)
  • Interviewer:                    D.J.Runnacles
  • Length of transcript:      63 pages

Copyright Statement

This oral history is to be used for your private research or study only. Please do not copy or distribute the material contained in this transcript in any way without prior approval.


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