The early days of Richmond Baptist Church

Transcript of a recording made during the Centennial Celebrations of the Baptist Church in Richmond.

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A transcription of a recording made in the 1950s as part of the Centennial Celebrations for the Baptist Church in Richmond. The recording was provided by Rob Fairburn of Richmond in 1984.

Speakers include

  1. Miss Cowles a retired missionary who recalls the church in the 1890s;
  2. Mrs Hockey who arrived in New Zealand in 1905;
  3. The Rev. Mr Jones talks about his first day in Richmond;
  4. The Rev. Mr Latta who had been a minister of the church in the 1930s.

 Points of Interest

  1. Mr Fittall;
  2. Mr and Mrs Hart;
  3. Mrs Haycock and Ashfield;
  4. 1923 Campaign against liquor traffic;
  5. Church services during the epidemic.

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:      Originally recorded in the 1950s, transcribed in 1984
  • Transcribed by:         Les Slater
  • Length of Transcript: 20 Pages

Copyright Statement

This oral history is to be used for your private research or study only. Please do not copy or distribute the material contained in this transcript in any way, without prior approval.

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