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Transcript of the Oral History Interview with Phyllis Jones

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Phyllis Jones grew up on the Hart family farm in Gladstone Road. Her father raised cattle for Coleman’s butcher shop as well as sheep for the family. Her brothers Stephen, and Walter used to work on Dr Washbourn’s farm. She also had a brother called Archie and two sisters, Elsie, and Winnie who married George Sturgeon.  

Phyllis married Mr Milson in 1931.  He ran Milson’s Cleaning Service in Nelson.  He died in 1978. Phyllis married Mr Jones in 1984.  She had 11 children and 43 grandchildren.

Points of Interest

  1. Hart Family
  2. Farming in the Richmond foothills
  3. Making butter
  4. Open drains
  5. Floods
  6. Eeling
  7. Trains and railway
  8. Pompy Jones’s merry-go-round
  9. Murchison Earthquake

 Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:      6th June 1984
  • Interviewer:               Lisa Van Wessel
  • Typist:                       Louise Charters
  • Length of Transcript: 16 Pages

Copyright Statement

This oral history is to be used for your private research or study only. Please do not copy or distribute the material contained in this transcript in any way, without prior approval.


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