Bruce McCallum

Transcript of the Oral History Interview with Bruce McCallum

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Bruce McCallum was in the works department of the Council for 39 years.  His main job was water supply.  He recalls some of the aspects of that work and the development of Council services in Richmond since the mid 1940s.

Points of Interest

  • Pushbike allowance for Council staff
  • Using Arsenic for controlling weeds on footpaths
  • Using a divining rod to locate underground pipes
  • Water restrictions in the 1950s
  • Digging graves by candlelight
  • Rubbish collection – Beach Road Tip
  • Nightsoil collection before the sewerage system was introduced
  • Richmond Fire Brigade – Freezing Works fire

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:      29th November 1983
  • Interviewer:               Les Slater
  • Length of Transcript: 10 Pages

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