Haycock, Ruth

Transcript of the Oral History Interview with Mrs Ruth Haycock.

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Transcript of the Oral History Interview with Mrs Ruth Haycock


Mrs Ruth Haycock (nee Palmer) studied nursing and midwifery in New Zealand before World War One. She then went to England in 1917 to study midwifery and after that practised as a domiciliary midwife in the Nelson and Marlborough districts – and further afield – for many years, based in Richmond. She was also closely associated with the Plunket Society for 32 years.

Points of Interest

  1. Midwifery
  2. S.S. Rotorua (ship)
  3. Noel Bythell
  4. Plunket Society - Richmond
  5. Mrs Hazel Wilkes
  6. Haycock family – Olwyn (daughter)
  7. Palmer family – Hartley (brother)

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:      15th December 1983
  • Interviewer:             Les Slater
  • Length of Transcript:  13 pages

Copyright Statement

This oral history is to be used for your private research or study only. Please do not copy or distribute the material contained in this transcript in any way, without prior approval.

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