Roberts, Annie

Transcript of the Oral History Interview with Annie Roberts.

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Mrs Annie Roberts (nee Gorman) came to Richmond in the early 1930s. 

Points of Interest

  1. Hillcrest Hospital
  2. Fire brigade
  3. Whytes Road
  4. Salisbury Road
  5. Landsdowne Road
  6. Marlborough Crescent
  7. Croucher’s buses, Burn’s Buses, Gibbs buses
  8. Butter/cheese factories
  9. Penny’s taxi business
  10. Dr McTavish
  11. Alexandra Home
  12. Rationing during World War Two, petrol coupons, zoning,
  13. Bread delivery, the flourmill
  14. Local butchers
  15. Local churches
  16. The Fittall family
  17. Electricity being put in Richmond in about 1934/5

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:    24 August 1984
  • Interviewer:             Lisa van Wessel
  • Typist:                              Les Slater
  • Length of Transcript: 21 Pages

Copyright Statement

This oral history is to be used for your private research or study only. Please do not copy or distribute the material contained in this transcript in any way, without prior approval.

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