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Transcript of the Oral History Interview with Marion Stratford (nee Coleman)

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Marion Stratford was born in Gladstone Road, Richmond, in 1915. Her parents were Ruby (nee Kidson) and William (Bill) Coleman, who was a butcher in Richmond. Mrs Stratford was the third child in the family; her elder sisters were Hilda and Lucy. She had a younger brother and sister who were twins. They were called Bill and Eileen.

After leaving school Marion went to work for her father at his butchery. She married Tracy Stratford, a farmer in Aniseed Valley.

She relates her recollections of her schooldays and her early working life in Richmond.  She also recalls the influenza epidemic in 1918, the railway, Murchison earthquake and later her married life in Aniseed Valley.

Points of Interest

  1. William Coleman - Mayor of Richmond
  2. The Boulder Bank Lighthouse
  3. Kidson Family
  4. Influenza Epidemic of 1918
  5. Peace Celebrations
  6. May’s Store
  7. Taking the Train to Tech and to Girl’s College in Nelson
  8. Murchison Earthquake – seeing the Boy’s College tower fall.
  9. Taking cattle and sheep to the abattoir
  10. Aniseed Valley
  11. Stratford Family
  12. Silent pictures at the Old Oublic Hall in Oxford Street.
  13. The Depression – Unemployed worker’s camp in Lower Queen Street

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:    12 March 1984
  • Interviewed by:        Les Slater
  • Typed by:                Louise Charters and Caroline Jary
  • Length of Transcript: 26 Pages

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