Eric (Sam) Woods

Transcript of the Oral History Interview with Eric Harold Woods (known as Sam Woods)

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Sam Woods was born in Richmond in 1904 and went to school in Richmond and Nelson.  He had a sister called Grace and a younger brother called Godfrey.

After leaving College in 1922 he went into an electrical apprenticeship with the anchor Company in Nelson and qualified as an electrician and worked wiring houses in the district.  He later worked for Croucher’s bus company driving, and as a mechanic and auto-electrician.

In the 1960s Mr Wood served as a Borough Councillor in Richmond.

Points of Interest

  1. Children’s games and amusements, 'bird nesting', Beach Road swimming baths, A & P Shows, Church Picnic
  2. Richmond School - teacher Amy Graham, death of one of the Beach sons, on the Richmond School grounds
  3. Local businesses – the wheelwrights, Croucher’s flourmill, the butter factory, Coleman’s butchery, White Hart Hotel, Plough Inn, Richmond Zoo (1966)
  4. Crescent Street
  5. Headingly Lane
  6. Batup’s Road,
  7. Local families and residents – Coleman family, Mr Strange and Mr Grundy, Hart family, Bateup family, Sidney Croucher, Albert Croucher,  Eric Sutton, Keith Malcolm, Joy Wix, Morrie McGlashen Mr Hunt’s (Major of Richmond), James Hunt, George Kidd, Straw’ Green, Pompey Jones, ‘Stumpey’ Eden, Ethelbert Croucher, Bill Monopoli, Bobby Ellis
  8. Bateup’s Cherry Orchard, Hart’s Gardens (gooseberries), Tomato blight
  9. Richmond Railway - trains to Nelson College – initiation and high jinks
  10. Richmond Police – Mr Falkenbridge, Mr Sherry, The old police cells
  11. Bellgowan tea-rooms – automatic gateway
  12. Local buses and taxi services- Suburban Bus Company, Barham’s bus, Croucher’s bus, Stone’s taxi, Jock Dudgeon,
  13. Anchor Foundary, Mr Bertram, Ron Bolton, Mr Cunningham
  14. White Tap Hotel Takaka, later the Globe Hotel 
  15. Sam’s Granddad threatening to shoot the local priest (1860s?)
  16. Electric power generation and distribution, electricity to the tennis courts for night-time sport, electric street lights, using chickens to switch the power on and off. pp.38-48.
  17. Aniseed Valley Copper Mines and Chromite Mines , stealing gelignite and fuses and setting light to them ! (page 72)
  18. Guy Fawkes Day
  19. Influenza Epidemic and the A & P Showground’s hospital
  20. Peace Day Celebrations 1919,
  21. First radios in Richmond

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:    26 June 1984
  • Interviewer:             Les Slater
  • Typist:                     Louise Charters
  • Length of Transcript: 110 Pages

Copyright Statement

This oral history is to be used for your private research or study only. Please do not copy or distribute the material contained in this transcript in any way, without prior approval.


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