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Transcript of the oral history interview with Muir McGlashen.

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Muir J. McGlashen, MBEMuir McGlashen was born in Richmond and recalls a great deal about this history of Richmond starting with his pre-school memories. He was at school when the Murchison earthquake occurred in 1929, and left school soon after to work the land. He was employed mowing hay (by horse), binding wheat, oats and barley. His father later became a general   storekeeper and Muir went to work for him. He returned to the store after World War II. He met his wife at a Scout Jamboree in Australia.

Muir was the Richmond Borough Mayor between 1962 and 1974. He was awarded an MBE in 1972. 

 Points of Interest

  1. Richmond School - teachers, school uniforms, pupil-teachers
  2. Children's games - hoops, marbles
  3. Queen Street, Richmond
  4. Queen Street drainage - The Ditch and The Pipe, culverts
  5. Beach Road area - Hart's Reserve, 'night soil' grounds
  6. The Railway Station - train times, school children's antics on the trains, Harry Dent
  7. The A & P showgrounds - The Otterson Gums, World War I epidemic hospital, the grandstands
  8. Peace Celebrations following World War I
  9. Richmond stock yards
  10. Gladstone Road - The Toot Line
  11. Croucher's Mills, shops and farm
  12. Council paying for Bird eggs and bird's heads
  13. The Star and Garter  
  14. The Blacksmith's shop
  15. Fire fighting - insurance plates on the front of buildings, fire bell in York Place
  16. The Murchison Earthquake
  17. Inflation after the World War II

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:             23 July 1984
  • Interviewer:                       No interviewer is listed
  • Length of Transcript:      110 Pages 
  • Notes:                                The transcript ends suddenly, it is only part 1 of the full interview

Copyright Statement

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