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Keith Malcolm was born on the 16th of January 1903 in the family home in the Richmond foothills. His parents were Birdie (nee Paynter) and Arthur Malcolm.  His paternal Grandfather John Malcolm married Jane Jordan, and purchased land on the Paton's-Bateup Road corner (Richmond, New Zealand). Their farm was mainly dairy and cropping.  Arthur Malcolm moved onto the land in 1902 and planted an orchard. In the 1920s Keith helped his father with spraying crops, picking apples into boxes on horse-drawn wagons, and later onto trailers. Keith married in 1930 and his father gave him his own block (16 acres) of land across the road. He recalls that during World War II petrol was rationed, so he would mix mineral turpentine with petrol to eke it out further. Tahunanui Beach (Nelson) was set with barbed wire during the war because of the fear of Japanese invasion.

Points of Interest

  1. Malcolm Family of Richmond
  2. Apple Exports and outlets
  3. Bordeaux and lime-sulphur sprays used to kill pests
  4. Orchard equipment - Oliver 60s, 'Bean' pumps for spraying

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:    December 1983
  • Interviewer:   D. J. Runnacles
  • Length of Transcript:         16 Pages
  • Notes:          "Including an earlier interview carried out by N. Tierney between 1980-1983".

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