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Ferris Prowse was born in Motueka in 1904. His mother was Mary Elizabeth (nee Miller), his father was a Bank Manager. His Maternal Grandfather purchased a piece of land in New Zealand off a map while he was still in London. The land was in Kaiteriteri and as a result Ferris' mother could only go to school in Riwaka when the tide was right for riding around the beach.

His father purchased land across the road from the Racecourse in Richmond in 1906. The family later moved to land they had purchased in the Rai Valley, but returned to Richmond in 1913 after the land proved too difficult to clear of logs and tree stumps.

Ferris was Richmond School Dux in 1918, but didn't get to accept his award at the end of year school concert as the concert was cancelled due to the (Influenza) epidemic. After leaving school Ferris worked in the Bank in Murchison during the 1930's depression. He recalls the men bringing in gold from the river and how the bank would pack it up and send it to Wellington.

He married in 1936 and was transferred to the North Island where he and his wife lived until 1972.  

Points of Interest

  1. The A & P Show
  2. Stratford Family
  3. Richmond Swimming Baths
  4. Murchison Gold scratching
  5. "The Night Cart Man"
  6. Harkness Family of Swamp Road
  7. Floundering at Rabbit Island (Moturoa)

Interview Information

  • Date of Interview:      June 1984
  • Interviewer:               David Runnacles
  • Length of Transcript:  19 pages  (Page 18 out of 20 pages is missing)
  • Notes:                       Typed by Louise Charters

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