Abraham Wells, Lodge Keeper

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Abraham Wells, Lodge Keeper.


On the back of the photo is written  "Abraham Wells, Lodge Keeper, house stood on site of Wensley Road, on site of R. B. Wilkes House". 

Also on the back of the photograph is a stamp saying  "received Borough of Richmond 11 June 1963". This was the date the photograph was recieved by the Richmond Borough Council (later part of the Tasman District Council). There is also a fountain pen mark on the back of the photograph which looks like 11 01, followed by a number of words which can not be made out.

The building in the photograph could be described as a cottage. It has a much repaired shingle roof which could be wood or slate. The main section of the building has been constructed from mud or cob, with wooden planks near the roof.

Around the cottage there are fruit trees and berry bushes and a garden with cabbages. There are large trees in the background and around the edges of the cottage.

Abraham is holding a long gun. He is accompanied by a dog.

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