Granville's General Store

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Granville's General Store.


Granville's General Store in Brightwater. Approximately where 96 Ellis Street is today.  The photo was probably taken in about 1904. 

The store was subject to bad flooding.

In the early 1900s Granville’s Store opened near Brightwater School. A general store the shop sold everything from groceries to plates, ironmongery to lollies. Unfortunately, it was built close to Mr Max’s drain and during heavy rainfall it flooded. During March and April 1904 it rained so much that the flood waters reached 6 inches (about 15cm) above the shop counter and the majority of shop goods were water damaged or washed away down Main Street (Ellis Street) along with neighbouring outhouses, sheep, haystacks and delivery carts. Small children were placed on table tops to keep them safe and at Waimea Bakery the bakers had to make bread standing up to their knees in water.


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